If you are new to Asturias, we hope that you will find this page full of useful information.  Keep an eye out because we update it regularly with all your suggestions… and remember, the more we share, the more we can help each other. So please, if you have any information to be included here, send us an email ( .

What´s on in Asturias

For regular news and tips about forthcoming events all over Asturias check out our facebook chat group (members only).

Things to know

Here are tips and information that might interest you. If you are looking for something and its not here, let us know on the IWC Asturias facebook chat group.


Coming soon:  We are preparing a document that explains all about the Spanish education system. If you would like to receive a copy, please let us know by email.

English speaking medical staff

If you know of any clinics, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists etc. please tell us so that we can update this list.

English speaking services

Please tell us anything you know about services such as: Notarios, Bank officers, Gestores, house moving companies, domestic help, hairdressers, plumbers, babysitters, insurance.

  • Food: Carrefour, El Corte Ingles, Eroski and Hipercor all sell international food products


Version Original (VO) films are shown at the following cinemas in Asturias:



5 responses to “USEFUL INFORMATION

  1. I will be visiting Oviedo over the Christmas period and I was hoping for some advice on any events that will be happening in Oviedo. Also,will there be many placesopen to eat on Christmas Eve (24th December)? I really hope you can help.


    • Hi Isabella,
      We are trying to gather all kind of information that might be useful for your next visit to Oviedo. Meanwhile, we would appreciate if you can give us some more info (such as what kind of visit would it be? Family orientated? Couples? Friends? City centre based?…)
      This would narow our reserch and help us to give you a better advise.
      You can either answer us by email ( or by using our webpage like now.


  2. Thank you! That would be amazing. It will be me and my husband for our delayed honeymoon. We will be based in Oviedo but we will have a car and so would like the opportunity to explore the rest of the area as well.


    • Dear Isabella,
      We are currently working to gather all info that we consider useful for planning your visit to Asturias. We will contact back ASAP.


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