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Interested in joining?

IWC Asturias membership welcomes women of all nationalities living in Asturias. All our communications are in English so only fluent applicants may be accepted as members. We invite you to attend a first meeting to get to know us and decide if you would like to join.

Then, if you are interested in becoming a member simply download an application form herefill it in and either email it to the secretary at or  hand it in to any commitee member at one of our regular meetings.

Annual Membership fee – 10 € per family (our years run from March to February)


Membership criteria

Membership is open to:

  • Non-Spanish women,
  • Spanish women who have been resident abroad for at least two years, and
  • Women in a bi-cultural, bilingual English-speaking family.

Membership benefits

On receipt of your application we will send you information about the club, together with an invitation to attend future IWC Asturias meetings. If you would like to, you can get involved in the organisation of future events and activities. For events that have a charge, as a member you will receive a discount.

Coming soon: We will also have a chat group on facebook for all of our members where you will be able to share information, ask questions and keep in touch. The group will be for members only.



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