The immediate preceding of Carnival is on Thursday of Comadres. This festivity seems to have originated in Roman times (“Compitales” or “cómpitas” parties, where the “world upside down” was allowed, changing briefly the order of things), and is also celebrated in other parts of Northern Spain like the Basque Country and Galicia.

Then, the celebration became related to Christian baptism – mothers, godmothers, daughters, godchildren – and, around them, just and only women.


On Thursday of Comadres in Gijón, the main attraction was the snack, around a juicy tortilla, in the outskirts, where women were looking for open and comfortable places to organize their “honest fun”. Later, musical instruments, dances and chants were incorporated. This celebration brought together groups of women from different backgrounds and relationships: mothers and godmothers, pupils and teachers, cigar makers, fishmongers, dressmakers…

We would like to celebrate an International Comadres night with all our members and followers. Consequently, we would like you to join us on Thursday, 8 February in Gijón for a typical meal and a good laugh.

If you can let us know possible numbers that would help us to plan and organize the activity and find the best place to go to… So please email us before Saturday 3th , at

For more information, please check our website or FB page.


Comadres night out


Hope to hear from you all soon.


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