Autumn is here and Asturias is ready to taste its new cider with roasted chestnuts… old traditions.

It’s time to celebrate the…



The amagüestu is an ancient tradition in Asturias. Until not long ago chestnuts were the main winter nutrient in the rural Asturias until potatoes occupied that place.

amaguestu mayando sidraWhen the southern winds arrive, chestnuts fall from trees and what was a family work, going to the woods to gather chesnuts, bring them home and store them became later a church celebration with priests offering chestnuts outside the churches after the mass to, later, became a regional celebration, a feast where people dance and sing following the pipes’ melodies, drinking sweet cider from “el duernu” (barrel) and eating roasted chestnuts (castañas “amagostadas”).

The Amagüestu is celebrated in every school and neighborhoods so find yours nearby and enjoy the most typical Asturian feast.



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