Cycling on the Senda del Oso

Our next family meeting will be a day of easy cycling on the Senda del Oso, meeting at 11.30 am on Sunday October 11th.


We hope to see you for a day of easy exercise in a beautiful wooded environment with the chance to see the bears Paca and Tola on the way. However, as this is a long weekend (la puente del Pilar) and demand may be high, we need to know numbers ASAP. If you are interested, please look at the information below and let us know before Wednesday 23rd September so we can book the right number of bikes for adults and children (

The plan is to meet at El Oso Goloso in Proaza where we can pick up our bikes. Bikes (all types, for kids, for adults, tandems) cost 9 euros per day if we return them to the place where we start. From the experience of some IWC members, it is possible to start from Proaza and go to the bear enclosure (about 1 km), then turn south again, back past Proaza and all the way down the senda (as far as Las Ventas) and then back to Proaza again, a very easy ride even for non-cyclists apparently. The Oso Goloso staff say this route is about 10-12km and is very beautiful and weather allowing, we could even have a dip in the river. We would need 4 hours to complete the whole route. Therefore, families should bring a picnic lunch that can be carried easily in a backpack. At the end, when we have returned the bikes to El Oso Goloso, we can have refreshments at the Merendero there.

oso goloso
See the following link for more information:

paca_tola_big  bicis con gente

All children must be accompanied by their parent(s)/ guardian(s) or a responsible adult. IWC Asturias is not responsible for the safety of any child left unattended.
In the case of adverse weather conditions, the event will be cancelled – we will keep you updated by FB and email.

We look forward to another enjoyable event together!

The team, IWC Asturias


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