Due to the lack of time and our inexperience this year we will register in “La Carrera de la Mujer” individually. Nevertheless we will provide with “dorsales” (IWC race numbers)) with the IWC Asturias logo and we will meet on the day of the race for running as a team.
Online registration starts on the 4th of May at midnight and lasts until 17th June. We advise to be prompt as spaces run out quickly!

camiseta carrera mujer
These are the steps you have to follow to register:
1. Go to
2. Click on Gijon

3. Click on “Inscribete aqui
4. Choose “Inscripciones Individuales” and click on “Continuar

5. Fill in your details (name, surname, birthdate postcode, identity number, email address, if you are a mum/granny or not… – please do remember to click on NO to a bag and some running shorts unless you are seriously interested- and agree on conditions) and click on “Continuar
6. Click on “Pagar”. On line registration have an extra cost of 60 cents.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005
7. Insert your card details
8. Print out or write down your registration number and details as you will need them to collect your t-shirt, your race number and some other goodies some days before the race. The place will be posted on the web page.


Alternatively you can go to the Oysho shop in Gijon (calle Los Moros, 50 and/or calle Río de Oro, 3 ) and/or Oviedo (Calle Arturo Álvarez Buylla, 5) and register in person, usually a week later than online registration.
Later, just let us know how many of you want to run/walk with us to email you with details about were to meet and provide you with your own IWC Asturias “dorsal”.


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